Quasar Technology Service Group specializes in recruiting technical and functional experts for full time. We are particularly strong and professionals in the following ERP/SaaS/Clinical packages (Workday, PeopleSoft, Dynamics AX, Meditech)and many more.

Quasar Technology Service Group is the Baltimore's leading recruitment agency directory, supporting candidates and employers who wish to use the services of our group.

Looking for a job can be tedious and frustrating. Countless hours spent on traditional job boards, or never hearing back from some recruiters.

Quasar Technology Service Group teams focus on becoming experts on recognition of each customer’s business and culture, therefore the candidates we source are the right match for the right place.

With nationwide unemployment levels still high, today's employers undoubtedly enjoy a "Quasar Technology Service Group." One upside of this trend can be too many applicants, many of whom are not qualified for the position.

We actively look for the strongest candidates, typically targeting those candidates who are not actively searching for new employment opportunities.

We have a passion to succeed on every assignment. Recruiting is what we do. It is our business. It is why we believe you should trust us to do it for you. References available on request from Managers/Directors of other shops we have made placements with in the same markets.